5 Tips for the Successful Teenager

5 Tips for the Successful Teenager

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Here are some tips that I think will help every teen to be successful as a teenager. If I had some of this information when I was a teenager, I know I wouldn’t have made half of the mistakes that I did. There’s always an opportunity to start over, if needed. Here we go:

  1. #1 – Don’t be so quick to grow up
    Enjoy being a teenager as long as you can. With adulthood comes the responsibility of living. I’m not talking about bills, rent, etc. Responsibility includes things like going to work on time. Not having your parent wake you up every morning. Yes, you get to make your own rules when you move out, but do you really want to party EVERY night? That gets old pretty fast. This leads to tip #2.
  2. #2 – If you make adult decisions, be prepared for adult consequences
    Drinking, doing drugs, having sex, smoking, etc are all adult decisions that you must be prepared to face the adult consequences. Are you ready to be a parent? Are you ready to be addicted to drugs? Are you ready to watch your hopes and dreams possibly fade before your eyes? Not only are there physical consequences, there are emotional ones as well. Mentally can you handle what’s on the other side of the decision you are about to make?
  3. #3 A Bad Attitude Will Get You Nowhere Fast
    No one likes a bad attitude. No one. One minute you are up on top of the world and the next you are super sad. Learn how to control your emotions and your attitude will follow. I once heard that your attitude will determine your altitude. Sky is the limit on what you would like to achieve. Remember you are going to need people to help you get there and a bad attitude will make them disappear faster then you can say “Help Me”.
  4. #4 –Set Goals
    The earlier you set goals, the more realistic they become. If you set goals and stick to them, it makes it that much more difficult for others to distract you from your goals. You are focused on the future and understand that if you lose focus, achieving that goal will take you longer than planned.
  5. #5 – Aim High
    There is nothing that you can’t do. It takes dedication, perseverance and determination. If you set your standards high, you won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Don’t be so quick to grow up as there is a responsibility that comes with it that you may not be ready to handle. Every decision has a consequence, whether negative or positive. Ask yourself if you are ready for the outcome no matter what. Your attitude can either help or hinder your progress. You choose. Set goals that will propel you into a glorious future. If you haven’t done some of these, understand that today is the day you can start over. God always gives us a second chance. Choose to start over and make a commitment to stick with it.


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