Makeover Anyone?

Makeover Anyone?

How do I dress in the latest clothes and still be modest??

You don’t. That is to say that you have to take the latest fads, clothes, designs, etc and make them your own. Some of the things I see young people wearing makes me scream on the inside. Why do I need to have side conversations with my youth about their outfits? Because I love them. Period. Point blank.

Fashion is not so much about what you wear, but rather who are you trying to represent. At all times I am a representative of Jesus Christ. My actions and clothing should be a reflection of that. In Psalms it says to put on the garment of praise. So, if every nook and cranny is hanging out…. Please note that EVERYTHING I do, I do to the glory of the King. And this includes what I choose to wear.

The question one must ask is “Who am I trying to impress”? Do I wear clothes to bring attention to myself or to be a reflection of God? Does what I wear point my friends to Jesus or to me. It may not be the outside that needs a makeover. Sometimes, a spiritual makeover is in order. Make me look like Him from the inside out. Once that begins to happen, I can get to a place where what I look like on the outside is truly a reflection of who I am on the inside. Christlike!

People will make decisions about me based upon what is on the outside. Wrong, I know. But true nonetheless. When I became a new creature in Christ, I had to start wearing what was pleasing to Him. I didn’t lose my individuality or personality. I just made it my own so that ultimately, people are drawn to Him through me. Even if just because I am rocking some fly shoes!! ☺


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